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Circumcision Services

I perform baby circumcisions, including aftercare visits, exclusively in the privacy of your home.  Clinical Data, Parental Testimony, and Medical Opinion, all acknowledge and agree that, the home is the best and safest environment for the circumcision procedure.

Many years of experience performing successful home-visit circumcisions, allows me to provide a first-class, pain-free circumcision service, that ensures the best possible experience for both mother and baby.

A circumcision performed at home does not compromise the health or safety of the baby or parents in any way, and is the recommended environment for the procedure.

You will be reassured that I include all the necessary aftercare home vists as an integral part of the services I offer.

Which one is better for the baby, a Doctor or Mohel?

A competent certified Mohel is a specialist, and a strong support person for you and your child. Since Mohels use only topical anesthetic or none at all, a circumcision goes faster, which can be less stressful for the baby.

Typically in the hospital, a baby is usually strapped to a backboard to support the baby; in the traditional circumcision method, a parent or loved one holds the baby on their lap on a soft cushion.

What is circumcision?

Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin, and the edges heal together. On rare occasions, dissolvable stitches are used.

How is circumcision done?

Circumcision actually only takes a few minutes to be performed. During circumcision, the baby will be placed on a specially designed table. The Authorized Mohel will then follow some simple steps to complete the procedure. These steps typically include:

* Cleaning of the penis and the foreskin
* A medical device that looks like a clamp, is attached to the penis and then the foreskin is removed
* Gauze containing petroleum jelly is placed over the wound to protect and help heal

Are there any health benefits that are associated with circumcision?

There are various health benefits to having a child circumcised. Circumcision actually reduces the number of bacteria that is able to develop and live under the child’s foreskin. This includes the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections (UTIs) or, in adults – sexually transmitted infections (STIs). During their first year of life, studies have shown that infants that are circumcised have less of a risk of developing urinary tract infections opposed to infants that are uncircumcised.

Circumcision complications – Are there any?

Complications are rare. Occasionally there is bleeding or swelling. Other complications may include infection, meatal ulcer or stenosis, and re-op circumcision.

• Sometimes the wound continues to leak fluid or blood. If this happens, try to apply pressure. If it does not stop, please contact Mohel Avraham Gavrielov.

• If you notice the wound looks very red, swollen, or it has a yellow (pus) discharge around the area, this may indicate that there is an infection. Please contact Mohel Avraham Gavrielov.

Is circumcision required?

It is ultimately up to the parents to have their son circumcised. Circumcision is not a procedure that is required by law and because circumcision is an optional procedure, it may not be covered by certain health insurance policies.

To find out whether or not circumcision is covered contact your medical health insurance provider, or you can talk to your doctor/pediatrician to see if their office is able to find out for you.